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Oakville presentation @SheridanElder with @DrKateTO on October 25 (corrected tags) day 22 hours ago
Pleased to speak about #arts economy & impacts w/ @DrKateTO@SheridanElder on October 25. Come chat and network! day 23 hours ago
Plan for affordable housing for #musicians in Toronto. #artists #arts days 23 hours ago
In case you missed August's Arts Research Monitor: public perceptions of #arts & #culture. #artsresearch days 20 hours ago
Au cas où vous avez manqué Recherches sur les arts en août : la perception populaire des #arts et de la #culture. days 20 hours ago
RT @ortaquechel20: Las #condiciones de los bailarines no mejoran en Canadá, dice estudio [FR] #danza #niveldevida @quebecdanse @dancetransi… — 4 days 11 hours ago
RT @artspond: What values/models will help arts services sustain long-lasting collaborations in transitioning to digital? #artsinadigitalwo… — 4 days 11 hours ago
RT @artspond: What business/legal structures are necessary to scale new digital arts services in diverse communities? #artsinadigitalworld… — 4 days 11 hours ago
RT @quebecdanse: Les conditions des danseurs ne s'améliorent pas: résultats d'un sondage mené par @dancetransition en 2016. #danse https:… — 5 days 20 hours ago
In case you missed June's Arts Research Monitor: measuring social and intrinsic benefits of the #arts. week 3 days ago