Arts Research Monitor Volume: 13

Vol. 13 No 10, March 2015

In this issue: An analysis of the situation of Canadian arts organizations, including a report on the impact of the recent economic crisis on arts organizations as well as surveys of heritage organizations, visual arts organizations, and orchestras.

Vol. 13 No 9, February 2015

In this issue: Summaries of four reports providing insights into different aspects of the training and work situations of artists in Quebec, Australia, and the United States.

Vol. 13 No 8, January 2015

In this issue: Summaries of recent reports that examine business support for the arts in Canada, perceptions of businesses and the public regarding supporting the arts, the social and economic benefits of arts organizations in Alberta, the long-term economic impacts of the arts in American metropolitan areas, and potential indicators of the benefits of the arts for community livability.

Vol. 13 No 7, December 2014

In this issue: Summaries of five reports on the situation of artists in Canada, including three reports containing national, provincial, territorial, and local data on all types of artists, as well as two reports on visual artists.

Vol. 13 No 6, November 2014

In this issue: A focus on the visual arts and museums, including a report on the situation of art galleries in Ontario, a statistical summary of museum attendance in Quebec, and two papers on the state of the visual arts in Canada.

Vol. 13 No 5, November 2014

In this issue: A summary of quantitative and qualitative research into arts participation and engagement, including statistics on performing arts attendance in Quebec, a literature review of the value of cultural experiences, a discussion paper on the quality of experience in the arts, and a research article on measuring the quality of arts engagement.

Vol. 13 No 4, October 2014

In this issue: Summaries of three recent landmark studies related to the benefits of the arts, including Canadian and English summaries of various aspects of the impacts of the arts as well as new estimates of the economic impact of culture in Canada.

Vol. 13 No 3, September 2014

In this issue: Three Canadian studies and one Scottish report related to the social and health benefits of the arts, including a Toronto report on neighbourhood-based community development through the arts, a Vancouver study of the arts and seniors’ well-being, an overview of the potential impacts of documentary films on social change, and a Scottish study of the connection between cultural engagement and health and well-being.

Vol. 13 No 2, August 2014

This special issue of the Arts Research Monitor provides a brief summary of some key issues related to arts participation and engagement explored at Measuring Cultural Engagement amid Confounding Variables, a joint research symposium of the National Endowment for the Arts and the Cultural Value Project of the United Kingdom’s Arts & Humanities Research Council. Arts researchers and practitioners from the U.S. and U.K. convened in Washington for the symposium. Kelly Hill was the only Canadian speaker at the June 2014 event. This issue is Kelly’s synthesis based on his notes from the symposium, as well as those made by Alexis Andrew, Policy and Planning Coordinator at the Canada Council for the Arts.

Vol. 13 No 1, July 2014

In this issue: Detailed information about spending on culture, including two Canadian reports on local governments’ cultural spending, a Canadian study of the donating preferences of different age groups, as well as an American report on arts funding.