Arts Research Monitor Volume: 15

Vol. 15 No 10, March 2017

In this issue: Four Canadian projects that examine local data related to the arts, culture, and heritage, including benchmarks of local cultural spending, an assessment of the state of local infrastructure, as well as local reports on arts participation, arts investment, artists, and disaster recovery.

Vol. 15 No 9, February 2017

In this issue: Four reports that examine the broader cultural and creative industries, including two international comparisons of the creative economy or creative industries, a Canadian summary of the concept of the creative economy, as well as American statistics on the creative industries.

Vol. 15 No 8, January 2017

In this issue: Four reports that attempt to examine the overall health of the arts and culture in different countries, including culture-specific indicators from the Canadian Index of Wellbeing and broad arts indexes from the U.S. and England.

Vol. 15 No 7, November 2016

In this issue: Four provincial and territorial arts research reports, including a multifaceted research project from British Columbia, research on artists in Saskatchewan, a survey of municipal cultural expenses in Quebec, and a study of arts administration resources in Nunavut.

Vol. 15 No 6, October 2016

In this issue: Canadian statistics on the performing arts, including a detailed analysis of data on performing companies, a survey of the social impacts of dance organizations, and an article on performing arts attendance in Quebec.

Vol. 15 No 5, September 2016

In this issue: A focus on museums and heritage organizations, including national and provincial data on the situation of Canadian museums and other heritage organizations as well as an American report on the educational role of museums.

Vol. 15 No 4, August 2016

In this issue: A focus on the socio-economic benefits of the arts and culture, including a Canadian survey regarding culture and talent attraction, an Australian report on arts participation and mental health, a major synthesis of reports from the United Kingdom on the value of culture, and reports that attempt to measure the social return on investments in the arts and culture.

Vol. 15 No 3, June 2016

In this issue: A detailed examination of various categories and subjects as well as key provincial and territorial statistics from Statistics Canada’s report on Provincial and Territorial Culture Indicators (2010 to 2014), which provides data on the direct economic and employment impacts of the arts, culture, and heritage.

Vol. 15 No 2, May 2016

In this issue: A focus on recent music research, including the impacts of live music in Ontario, international music development strategies, an Australian report on the economic impact of live music, and an analysis of orchestra subscription strategies in the U.S.

Vol. 15 No 1, April 2016

In this issue: An in-depth study of the situation of diverse arts organizations in Canada and the United States, two Canadian guides for developing accessible and inclusive programming, and an American literature review related to cultural equity and inclusion.