Arts Research Monitor Volume: 4

Vol. 4 No 10, March 2006
This month: two Canadian reports on government arts funding and two American reports that highlight the impacts of arts education in a range of arts disciplines and provide tips on how to frame a communications strategy regarding arts education.
Vol. 4 No 9, February 2006
This month: a focus on arts advocacy and the impacts of the arts, including Canadian and American guides to making the case for the arts, a Scottish resource on the impacts of the arts, as well as Canadian and Australian reports on the links between the arts, health and wellbeing.
Vol. 4 No 8, January 2006
This month: a guide to audience research for smaller performing arts organizations as well as three reports that highlight factors in arts participation beyond simple demographics.
Vol. 4 No 7, December 2005
This month: a focus on arts education reports from Canada and the U.S., including studies of music, museum and library education, the status of arts education in North American schools, and foundation funding for arts education.
Vol. 4 No 6, October 2005
This month: a focus on Aboriginal arts, including reports on Aboriginal curators, languages and funding programs in Canada, Aboriginal art centres in Australia, as well as a statistical profile of Aboriginal and visible minority artists in Canada.
Vol. 4 No 5, September 2005
This month: American and Canadian research on partnerships, including their potential and pitfalls, unique performing arts collaborations, partnerships between large and small cultural organizations, and the partnering of arts and non-arts organizations. These reports emphasize partnership costs, risks, benefits, challenges and strategies to overcome difficulties.
Vol. 4 No 4, August 2005
This month: reports on book reading and purchasing as well as consumer and government spending on culture.
Vol. 4 No 4, August 2005
Dans ce numéro : des rapports sur la lecture et l'achat de livres ainsi que sur les dépenses publiques et de consommation au chapitre de la culture.
Vol. 4 No 3, June 2005
This month: a focus on arts education and literacy, including Canadian studies examining arts programs for at-risk youth, school libraries, teacher-librarians and adult literacy.
Vol. 4 No 2, May 2005
With a Canadian election coming in the next eight months, Arts Research Monitor Volume 4, No 2 summarizes some arts advocacy resources and provides a compilation of key statistics from recent Hill Strategies Research reports.
Vol. 4 No 1, April 2005
What benefits do the arts have for attendees and participants? What are the best arguments to make in advocating for the arts? Volume 4, no 1 summarizes three reports that examine the potential benefits of the arts for arts participants. The RAND report, Gifts of the Muse, has led to much discussion about the "instrumental" and "intrinsic" effects of the arts as well as the best arguments to use in arts advocacy. Volume 4, no 1 also summarizes a discussion forum based on the RAND report as well as a report from Connecticut that examines the meaning and value of arts participation.