Arts Research Monitor Volume: 7

Vol. 7 No 10, March 2009
In this issue: A number of recent reports have examined the situation of artists. This issue of the Arts Research Monitor reviews five reports from Canada and the U.S. concerning the number of artists, their earnings and other characteristics of artists' working lives.
Vol. 7 No 9, February 2009
In this issue: A number of reports and resources on the situation of older artists. The reports examine issues such as earnings, pensions, financial planning, health care, housing and many others. The reports seek to provide some answers to the questions: Do artists retire? What does retirement look like for artists? If artists are often poor during their active working lives, how do they survive during their later years?
Vol. 7 No 8, January 2009
In this issue: a focus on cultural facilities in Canada, based on a series of reports from the now-defunct Centre of Expertise on Culture and Communities.
Vol. 7 No 7, December 2008
In this issue: five recent reports that examine data on Canada's cultural sector, including government spending on culture, the financial situation of museums and art galleries, as well as the financial health of performing arts organizations. In addition to a summary of the published reports, new data analysis by Hill Strategies Research is included in this issue of the Arts Research Monitor.
Vol. 7 No 6, November 2008
In this issue: three reports that examine the performing arts, including American segmentation studies of performing arts attendees and donors, as well as a presentation that highlights the social impacts of performing arts attendance in Canada.
Vol. 7 No 5, October 2008
In this issue: Canadian reports on the economic impact of the cultural sector, funding for the cultural sector, and the economic contribution of the overall non-profit sector in Canada.
Vol. 7 No 4, September 2008
In this issue: Canadian reports related to book publishing and book reading, including a statistical profile of the book publishing industry, an examination of the impacts of digitization on book publishers and two studies of the social impacts of book reading.
Vol. 7 No 3, June 2008
In this issue: a focus on international trade and foreign policy, including Hill Strategies' analysis of data from Statistics Canada on international trade in culture goods and services as well as reports on the role of culture in Canadian foreign policy and public diplomacy.
Vol. 7 No 2, May 2008
In this issue: a number of reports on culture employment in Canada, including a Statistics Canada examination of culture occupations in non-cultural sectors, a study of a potential policy framework for creative labour, and reports on professional development in Ontario's cultural sector.
Vol. 7 No 1, April 2008
In this issue: four reports related to arts attendance, including an American study of the intrinsic impacts of performance attendance, a Canadian examination of the social impacts of performing arts attendance, a study of attendees' motivations, abilities and opportunities to participate, and a report on the demographic and cultural factors involved in performing arts attendance in Canada.