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L’emploi et la rémunération dans les organismes artistiques en 2003-2004

Constats du CALQ Numéro 11

October 3, 20063 October 2006

Arts management / Human resources / Diversity

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This French-language report profiles the situation of 329 arts organizations receiving support from Quebec’s provincial arts funder, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec. Many of these organizations are small: 71% had total revenues under $500,000 in 2003-04.

Two main human resource challenges are highlighted: high levels of temporary employment and low levels of remuneration.

The report finds that 90% of all staff members have temporary positions, including 65% of administrative and management personnel and 95% of artistic personnel. The raw figures for artistic personnel are quite stunning: in the 329 arts organizations, there are about 600 permanent artistic personnel and 11,300 temporary artistic personnel.

Remuneration in the 329 arts organizations is “often inadequate”, despite the fact that 53% of the organizations’ total expenditures are spent on personnel costs. Permanent staff members have average earnings of $27,100. Obviously, temporary personnel have much lower remuneration – an average of $3,400. At these levels, arts organizations cannot match the typical salary and benefit levels in the private and public sectors, making it difficult to recruit and retain workers.

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