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Music – A Catalyst for Technology Hubs and Innovative Talent

October 23, 201323 October 2013


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Based on interviews with 14 technology professionals as well as a literature review of evidence related to music and skills development, this report (supported by Music Canada) contends that rich music environments help attract high-technology jobs to local areas.

According to the study, music helps develop many skills that are critical for high-tech workers, including:

  • Creativity and innovation.
  • Independent and analytical thinking.
  • Mathematical abilities.
  • Adaptability.
  • Initiative, decision-making, and leadership.
  • Planning and organizational skills.
  • Collaborative capabilities (teamwork and relationship-building).

The study proposes five policy measures to support music education and urban music scenes in order to attract innovation-based companies and workers:

  • Significant investment in music education by provincial governments.
  • School curriculum that identifies the linkages between music education and high-tech career options.
  • More resources on the benefits of music education for parents, governments, and school administrators.
  • Greater focus by all levels of government “on the quality and diversity of their cultural industries as a tool for economic development”.
  • “A national organization to collect and centralize information on the benefits of music education and participation to the careers of technology professionals”.

Recognizing that its sample size was small (i.e., only 14 interviews), the report also recommends that a broader survey be undertaken to bolster the findings of this study.

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