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FAQs about new subscription service

June 7, 20227 June 2022

Below are answers to some key questions about our new subscription service (via Substack). Statistical insights on the arts will now be distributed as a “newsletter” at Through a subscription model, I will continue to offer in-depth insights about the Canadian arts community. I have posted information about the content of the new service in another location.


Am I on the list?

If you have previously opted into Hill Strategies’ email list, you have automatically been added as a free subscriber to the new service, which means that you’ll receive those posts that are not behind a paywall (roughly 1 in every 3 or 4 new posts). Don’t miss a post – and please help me out – by upgrading to a (very affordable) paid subscription to our statistical insights, arts research summaries, and informative blog posts. (Just $6/month or $60/year.)

Why the change to the new service?

Three key reasons: 1) the desire to keep creating arts insights of use to the arts community; 2) the need to generate revenues from this work, given that other funding sources haven’t worked out; and 3) the ability to pursue research topics independent of funders’ constraints.

Can I share and quote this research?

Full posts that are not behind a paywall can be shared (in your own newsletter, via email, etc.). In fact, there should be a share button in those posts.

Shorter quotes from posts that are behind a paywall: yes. By “shorter”, I mean a limited number of sentences, no more than a paragraph in total length.

Suggested reference: Hill, Kelly. [Year, month, day of the post], [title of the post], Statistical insights on the arts, Hill Strategies Research Inc., [URL of the post].

Full posts that are behind a paywall may not be shared with people who are not paid subscribers, except for large organization subscribers, who have paid for the right to share the full posts internally within their organizations.

What does “Sponsor/shareable” mean in the subscription options?

At this level, you will get:

  • 1 custom post / year for a jurisdiction of your choice.
  • In 2022/23, that will probably be a highlight of census data, but we can discuss that.
  • A mention of your sponsorship in the custom post (e.g., “This post brought to you by …”).
  • The ability to share all posts within your organization.
  • The knowledge that you’re keeping the subscription rate low for artists and smaller organizations.
  • Us closer to removing the paywall for everyone.

I believe that organizations with an arts and culture budget of $1 million or more should fall in this level. E.g., national, provincial, and local granting agencies, most municipalities, provincial and national government departments, plus a few larger arts organizations.

Why is the fee so much higher for sponsors / larger organizations?

Because you’ll get a lot in return (see bullet list above). It’s also my way of keeping the fee for most people as low as possible. If I reach 1,200 paid subscribers (or its equivalent with sponsors), I will remove the paywall for all posts.

As a sponsor, you are granted permission to share all posts internally within your organization. No need for everyone to subscribe individually.

Little known fact: When I started the Statistical Insights on the Arts series in 2002, the subscription fee was $2,000. 20 years later, it’s only $750. Please subscribe at this level. You’ll get a lot for this small investment, I think!

Can I pay monthly?

Yes, the monthly fee is $6. It’s a bit cheaper on a yearly basis ($60/year). For some reason, Substack notes that this is the equivalent of $5/month, but you can’t pay that fee on a monthly basis.

What about GST and HST?

All taxes are included in the fees. Unfortunately, I can’t adjust the total amount based on the variable tax rates across Canada.

If you need to claim the GST on this payment, the net yearly fee is $57.14, with $2.86 GST. PST rates vary, but if you’re in Ontario, the net yearly fee is $53.10, with $6.90 in PST.

How often will the Statistical insights on the arts newsletter come out?

I’m planning to post roughly once a week. However, this format is really new to me, so I’m not 100% sure. I have so many ideas that I might post much more often, at least to start. In general, the more paid subscribers I get, the more I will be able to post. Thanks!

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