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Hill Strategies is a leading authority on arts research and statistics in Canada. The analyses that we offer should help you:

  • Keep on top of challenges and trends
  • Spur creative thinking about your local situation, or the situation in your discipline
  • Help in your advocacy or policy work
  • Assist in fundraising efforts and funding applications

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The story of Hill Strategies Research

We ask questions! Mostly along the lines of, “Hmm, can this tell us something interesting about the state of the arts in Canada, or about a specific issue (maybe job vacancies, environmental practices, precarity of artists, benefits of the arts)?”

We monitor available statistics and investigate whether there is an arts component to them. Then we analyze the ones that do.

We also conduct commissioned studies of specific issues to help clients increase their knowledge and impacts in their communities. The fascinating topics that we have researched include stories of resilience from the arts community during the pandemic, the prevalence of harassment in the arts, and the broader impacts and benefits of the arts.

A few more facts

  • Founded in 2002 by Kelly Hill
  • Over 400 reports and presentations on the arts in Canada (yes, we’re that specialized)
  • Qualitative and quantitative research into various arts disciplines
  • Strong interest in projects that illuminate the well-being of artists and arts organizations
  • Experience with most arts associations and funders in Canada
  • Unique perspective on the arts

If you have time for one more story about Hill Strategies …

The goal of Hill Strategies has always been to conduct and share interesting research on the arts in Canada. With over 400 publications, we think that we have done so (at least, so far). We have worked with nearly every association of artists and arts organizations in Canada, with many other researchers, as well as with nearly every government agency related to the arts.

Before founding his tiny company. Kelly spent five plus years in the tiny research section at the Ontario Arts Council.

Before working in the arts, Kelly was a devoted arts fan and attendee.

Currently, Kelly divides his time between the Statistical insights on the arts series (available on Substack) and a special project or two commissioned by an arts association, company, agency, etc.

Since the pandemic lockdowns, Kelly has realized that he needs to strive for a better work life balance, which is why he is only taking on a limited number of additional projects, in addition to the Statistical insights on the arts series. He has a rudimentary understanding of playing the banjo, a skill that he is hoping to develop.

Kelly Hill

President, Founder, and main worker-bee

Photo de M. Kelly Hill, Président de Hill Stratégies