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Hill Strategies combines rigorous and reliable research on the arts and culture with clear and effective communications. We have recently changed to a newsletter service for Statistical insights on the arts via Substack. Existing Hill Strategies subscribers will automatically receive email notices via the new service. Others can sign up below.

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Our Expertise

  • Rigorous and appropriate research methodologies
  • Creative and innovative thinking
  • Synthesis of complex information into clear reports, ensuring accessibility for those who are not experts in statistics and economics
  • Ability to conduct bilingual arts research projects
  • Effective communication with the public, our subscriber base, and clients
  • Knowledge of sources of research and statistical information on the arts
  • Ability to identify gaps in existing arts research, examine reports from other sectors for research ideas, and develop appropriate research topics

Each year, Hill Strategies is pleased to take on interesting custom research and evaluation projects. We have experience designing and implementing surveys and interview protocols, analyzing qualitative and quantitative research information, and reporting results in a clear and accessible manner. At Hill Strategies Research, we always attempt to ensure that our research findings are clear and insightful.

  • Reliable, benchmark studies of the arts sector
  • Strong understanding of issues faced by the arts community
  • In-depth knowledge of information sources
  • Extensive contacts in the Canadian arts sector
  • Solid communication with clients

Kelly Hill

Founder and President

Subscriptions / About Hill Strategies

Since founding Hill Strategies in 2002, Kelly has prepared nearly 400 research reports and presentations on the arts and culture, giving him a unique perspective on the Canadian arts sector and arts-related statistics.

Hill Strategies Research is widely respected across Canada and internationally as a leading authority on arts and culture research, with nearly 20 years of research experience in this area.