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Arts Research Monitor

1-page summaries of arts research projects (not just our own)

Arts, Culture, and Heritage Participation in Canada’s Provinces and Largest Census Metropolitan Areas in 2016

Arts Research Monitor

Based on an analysis of 28 questions from Statistics Canada’s 2016 General Social Survey (GSS), this report examines the percentage of residents (15 or older) of Canadian provinces and nine large Census Metropolitan Areas who attended or participated… View this resource

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion: A Demographic Profile of Calgary’s Arts Sector

Arts Research Monitor

In 2017, Calgary Arts Development conducted an equity, diversity, and inclusion survey of arts organizations in order to ascertain the demographics of artists, workers, and volunteers in Calgary’s arts sector and the presence of activities “for and w… View this resource

Synopses of qualitative and quantitative research findings in the arts and culture. Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council, the Arts Research Monitor should be useful to artists, arts managers, funders, policy makers, researchers and others with an interest in learning more about the arts and culture.

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