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Arts Research Monitor

1-page summaries of arts research projects (not just our own)

Labour Market Information Study of the Cultural Labour Force 2019

Arts Research Monitor

Based on 2016 census data, a national online survey with 1,867 respondents, 11 focus groups, plus individual interviews, this report profiles the cultural sector labour force in Canada, detailing its size, economic impact, potential for growth, regio… View this resource

Making It Work

Arts Research Monitor

This report profiles the culture sector labour market in Ontario and “identifies the challenges it is facing, from evolving skills needs to the precariousness of the gig economy”, based on findings from a custom survey with 1,087 respondents, roundta… View this resource

Synopses of qualitative and quantitative research findings in the arts and culture. Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council, the Arts Research Monitor should be useful to artists, arts managers, funders, policy makers, researchers and others with an interest in learning more about the arts and culture.

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