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Arts Research Monitor

1-page summaries of arts research projects (not just our own)

National Arts and Culture Impact Survey: Individual Report

Arts Research Monitor

Conducted in November of 2020, this survey received responses from 1,273 artists and arts workers across Canada. As is the case for all surveys where people self-select whether to respond, there is uncertainty as to whether the responses provide a re… View this resource

National Arts and Culture Impact Survey: Organizations Report

Arts Research Monitor

This Canadian survey received responses from 728 arts organizations in November of 2020. A margin of error cannot be estimated due to the non-random survey method. In the survey sample, there is likely underrepresentation of organizations based in Qu… View this resource

The Arts Research Monitor, part of Arts Insights Canada, is a partnership with three leading foundations engaged in the Canadian arts sector: the Azrieli Foundation, the Rozsa Foundation, and the Metcalf Foundation. Since 2002, the Monitor has provided synopses of qualitative and quantitative research findings in the arts and culture.

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