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Volume 7 No 1 / April 22, 200822 April 2008

In this issue: four reports related to arts attendance, including an American study of the intrinsic impacts of performance attendance, a Canadian examination of the social impacts of performing arts attendance, a study of attendees’ motivations, abilities and opportunities to participate, and a report on the demographic and cultural factors involved in performing arts attendance in Canada.


Factors in Canadians’ Cultural Activities (Performing arts findings)

Arts Research Monitor

This report examines demographic and other factors involved in performing arts attendance (as well as three other cultural activities), based on data from Statistics Canada’s General Social Survey of 2005, an in-depth telephone survey of about 10,000… View this resource

MAO-Model of Audience Development

Arts Research Monitor

Motivation, ability and opportunity are three key pre-requisites to cultural attendance. This paper, presented at the 8th International Conference on Arts and Cultural Management, examines how arts organizations can better understand and use these th… View this resource

Social Effects of Culture

Arts Research Monitor

While the WolfBrown examines the intrinsic impacts of a single performance, this recent report investigates the broad social impacts of cultural activities for individuals. This report examines the relationship between four cultural activities (readi… View this resource

Assessing the Intrinsic Impacts of a Live Performance

Arts Research Monitor

This report “attempts to define and measure how audiences are transformed by a live performance”. Two different surveys were conducted by six presenters with 1,730 randomly-selected audience members at 19 music, dance and theatre performances. The re… View this resource

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