Arts, health, and well-being

Volume 14 No 3 / June 18, 201518 June 2015

In this issue: A focus on the connections between the arts, health, and well-being, including a report on art and the health of Aboriginal Peoples, a presentation on the arts and well-being, a summary of international research into the long-term connections between the arts and health, as well as a study of the neurochemical impacts of music.


The neurochemistry of music

Arts Research Monitor

Reviewing 400 research reports related to the neurochemistry of music, this article indicates that there is “promising, yet preliminary” evidence that music has positive effects on “(i) reward, motivation, and pleasure; (ii) stress… View this resource

Exploring the Longitudinal Relationship Between Arts Engagement and Health

Arts Research Monitor

Fifteen reports on “how engagement in the arts – as an audience member and/or practitioner – affects our physical and psychological health over time” are examined in this detailed review article, which concludes that “en… View this resource

Arts, Culture, Health, Well-being, and Social Connectedness

Arts Research Monitor

This presentation muses as to whether the arts could be a part of a “prescription for health”, in addition to a healthy diet, physical activity, proper health care, and good sleeping habits. The presentation provides a brief review of stu… View this resource

Art and Wellness: The Importance of Art for Aboriginal Peoples’ Health and Healing

Arts Research Monitor

This brief report highlights the fact that cultural practices are important for “the wellness, health, and healing of Aboriginal peoples and communities”. The report notes that many Aboriginal cultural practices are “simultaneously… View this resource

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