Arts indicators / Well-being

Volume 15 No 8 / January 25, 201725 January 2017

In this issue: Four reports that attempt to examine the overall health of the arts and culture in different countries, including culture-specific indicators from the Canadian Index of Wellbeing and broad arts indexes from the U.S. and England.


Arts Index England 2007–2014

Arts Research Monitor

This report attempts to provide a “health check” for the arts in England. Between 2007/08 and 2013/14, the overall arts index increased from 99 to 111. Most of the increase in the index occurred between 2007 and 2011.The report highlights… View this resource

NCAR Arts Vibrancy Index II (2016)

Arts Research Monitor

Arguing that “creativity is a desirable and necessary element for a thriving community”, this American report attempts to identify cities with particularly strong artistic vibrancy among 937 metropolitan areas in the U.S.A. Arts vibrancy,… View this resource

National Arts Index 2016

Arts Research Monitor

The 2016 report of the National Arts Index, based largely on data from 2013, highlights the “post-recession recovery” of the arts using 81 equally-weighted national indicators across four key dimensions: financial flows; capacity; arts pa… View this resource

Canadian Index of Wellbeing (2016)

Arts Research Monitor

The Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW) looks beyond the key national economic indicator (Gross Domestic Product, or GDP) to attempt to measure “those areas of our lives that we care about the most, like education, health, the environment, and th… View this resource

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