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Volume 17 No 4 / August 15, 201815 August 2018

In this issue: A focus on arts and culture participation and the situation of the performing arts, including two Canadian surveys and two American studies.


A Long Lead: The Decision-Making Timeframe of Cultural Attendees

Arts Research Monitor

Based on data from various American sources including the National Awareness, Attitudes, and Usage Study from IMPACTS Research and Development, this brief research post indicates that “there is a long lead time in peoples’ intent to visit… View this resource

Performing Arts Ticket Buyer Media Usage Study

Arts Research Monitor

This report aims to provide a “nuanced picture of consumers’ preferences and behavior across a broad cross-section of performing arts organizations”, including four in Canada and 54 in the United States. An online survey in August 2… View this resource

Performing arts, 2016

Arts Research Monitor

Every two years, Statistics Canada provides detailed information about not-for-profit and for-profit organizations in five areas of the performing arts: 1) theatre companies (except musical theatre); 2) musical theatre and opera companies, including… View this resource

Culture Track Canada

Arts Research Monitor

Culture Track Canada summarizes survey findings related to Canadian cultural consumers’ engagement and their “attitudes, motivators, and barriers to participation”. The report refers to respondents as cultural consumers because the… View this resource

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