Equity, diversity, inclusion, and decolonization

Volume - No 181 / November 17, 202117 November 2021

Signs and effects of anti-Black racism in the arts

In this issue: Insights into equity issues in the arts, particularly anti-Black racism, including the challenging employment situation of racialized workers in Canada’s screen-based industry, insufficient philanthropic investment in Black-led organizations in Canada, the relative lack of diversity on the boards of Canadian not-for-profit organizations, and the pandemic’s effects on racialized arts workers in the United Kingdom. Collectively, the reports remind arts sector leaders that post-pandemic “regeneration” may be required, rather than “recovery” to the pre-pandemic situation.


Changing the Narrative

Arts Research Monitor

The intent of this report is “to measure and benchmark employment conditions of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) in Canada and the extent to which they participate equitably in Canada’s booming screen-based production sector and shape s… View this resource

Unfunded: Black Communities Overlooked by Canadian Philanthropy

Arts Research Monitor

This report indicates that “the systemic racism and hardships faced by Black people in Canada” demonstrate both insufficient investment from philanthropic organizations and “the inadequacy of public policy in addressing the concerns” of the “1.2 mill… View this resource

Diversity of charity and non-profit boards of directors: Overview of the Canadian non-profit sector

Arts Research Monitor

This Statistics Canada article is based on responses from 6,170 board members and 2,665 other representatives of not-for-profit organizations. Because of the non-random nature of the sample, Statistics Canada cautions that “no inferences about the ov… View this resource

COVID-19 and the Experience of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Creative Entrepreneurs

Arts Research Monitor

Based on interviews with 20 “Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic” (BAME) creative entrepreneurs from different parts of the United Kingdom (but “with a focus on London”), this report attempts “to understand how the pandemic and the events of 2020 were… View this resource

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