Human resources in the arts and culture / Diversity and equity

Volume 17 No 3 / June 20, 201820 June 2018

In this issue: A focus on the human resource situation in the arts and culture, including a Canadian survey of arts organization compensation and benefits, an English survey of diversity in the arts labour force, a study of inequalities among creative sector workers in the United Kingdom, and an American summary of key issues in capturing identity-related information in arts labour force surveys.


Identity and the Cultural Workforce: Lessons Learned in Seven Years and Three Cities

Arts Research Monitor

Based on experiences conducting demographic surveys of arts organizations in Chicago, Minnesota, Los Angeles, and Houston, this article outlines key findings regarding the measurement of identity-related characteristics (but not actual survey results… View this resource

Panic! 2018: Social Class, Taste and Inequalities in the Creative Industries

Arts Research Monitor

Based predominantly on a survey of 2,487 creative sector workers in the United Kingdom (called the Panic! Survey), this report concludes that “the cultural and creative industries are marked by significant inequalities”. Because the resul… View this resource

Equality, Diversity and the Creative Case: A Data Report 2016-17

Arts Research Monitor

This report summarizes the diversity within English arts organizations in 2016/17, based largely on an annual Arts Council England survey completed by larger client organizations. (While the sample size is not stated in the report, the Arts Council E… View this resource

2017 National Compensation Study for Managerial and Administrative Positions in Not-for-Profit Arts Organizations

Arts Research Monitor

Based on a national survey to which 436 arts organizations responded in late 2017, this report provides information about salaries and benefits in 21 management and administrative positions in Canadian not-for-profit arts organizations. Appendixes to… View this resource

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