Indigenous arts: Resources for imagining, thinking, and working toward decolonization

Volume - No 182 / February 9, 20229 February 2022

In this issue: Perspectives on Indigenous arts on the territory known as Canada, including information about Indigenous arts and ways of being that might be useful in imagining, thinking, and working toward decolonization. The summaries below provide only very brief synopses of complex and insightful reports, and readers of the Arts Research Monitor are encouraged to consult the full reports if possible. Of note, some of the reports below tend to highlight the situation of contemporary Indigenous performing arts more than traditional performing arts, a distinction that is important in the Indigenous performing arts community.


Looking at Indigenous Performing Arts on the Territory Known as Canada

Arts Research Monitor

Anchored in research efforts that include “historic key documents, two bibliographies, in-depth interviews with 12 experienced Indigenous theatre practitioners, and a survey questionnaire”, this report provides insights into Indigenous performing art… View this resource

Towards Braiding

Arts Research Monitor

This qualitative, Indigenous-centred book provides an insightful perspective of Indigenous-settler relations, which could be particularly useful for organizations that are working toward decolonization. The book “is based on conversations that have h… View this resource

A Culture of Exploitation: “Reconciliation” and the Institutions of Canadian Art

Arts Research Monitor

This report is based on “the history of the relationship between Indigenous people in the Arts as well as anonymous interviews completed recently [during the pandemic] with Indigenous cultural workers across Canada, from diverse regions, positions, a… View this resource

The Role of Indigenous Artists and the Development of an Indigenous Pedagogy for Modern Artistic Expression

Arts Research Monitor

This blog post explores two main questions: “the role of Indigenous artists in community and how this role impacts training”. The report highlights how the historical development of Indigenous arts and arts learning provides the foundation of current… View this resource

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