Volume 15 No 2 / May 25, 201625 May 2016

In this issue: A focus on recent music research, including the impacts of live music in Ontario, international music development strategies, an Australian report on the economic impact of live music, and an analysis of orchestra subscription strategies in the U.S.


Reimagining the Orchestra Subscription Model

Arts Research Monitor

Based on a survey of over 4,000 orchestra attendees and “the largest ever orchestra sales dataset” from 44 American orchestras and one Canadian one (the National Arts Centre Orchestra), this report examines “why people subscribe, wh… View this resource

The Economic & Cultural Value of Live Music in Australia in 2014

Arts Research Monitor

Employing a cost-benefit analysis (based on a national consumer survey, venue owner and operator interviews, and secondary data on the sector), this report attempts to provide “a valuation of the economic, social and cultural contribution… View this resource

The Mastering of a Music City

Arts Research Monitor

This report, based on a literature review, over 40 expert interviews, and two international focus group sessions, aims to provide a “roadmap” for the development of music, especially the commercial music sector, in municipalities of any s… View this resource

Live Music Measures Up: An economic impact analysis of live music in Ontario

Arts Research Monitor

Based largely on a survey of 372 companies in Ontario’s live music sector, this report attempts to identify the impacts of live music on Ontario’s economy, employment, and communities. The report also endeavours to serve as a benchmark fo… View this resource

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