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Volume 14 No 1 / April 29, 201529 April 2015

In this issue: A focus on the situation of theatres and other performing arts organizations in Canada, including summaries of a survey of performing arts organizations, a fact sheet on theatre, a survey of the importance of theatre in Canadian communities, and a report on challenges and opportunities in “the changing theatre landscape”.


The Changing Theatre Landscape

Arts Research Monitor

In a situation where “the growth in the number of artists attempting to start new [theatre] companies [exceeds] the growth in the funding available”, this report, based on a review of relevant and recent Canadian reports, attempts to iden… View this resource

Importance of Live Theatre

Arts Research Monitor

Based on a random telephone survey of 1,000 Canadians commissioned by the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres (PACT) from Nanos Research in March 2014, this brief report and a summary fact sheet (Canadian Theatre: Creating Vibrant Communiti… View this resource

World Theatre Day… by the numbers

Arts Research Monitor

Based on various Statistics Canada sources, this brief fact sheet examines the number of theatre companies in Canada, their revenues and expenditures, theatre’s contribution to the economy, public spending on tickets, as well as the number and… View this resource

Performing arts 2012

Arts Research Monitor

Statistics Canada's biennial performing arts survey provides information about not-for-profit and for-profit theatre, musical theatre, dinner theatre, opera, dance, musical groups (e.g., orchestras, chamber music and popular music groups) and oth… View this resource

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