Reading, Publishing and Literacy

Volume 6 No 9 / February 28, 200828 February 2008

In this issue: a number of Canadian reports related to reading, publishing and literacy, including a detailed profile of the retail book market, an examination of demographic and cultural factors involved in book reading, statistics regarding youth literacy and a report on adult reading skills.


Learning Literacy in Canada: Evidence from the International Survey of Reading Skills

Arts Research Monitor

The intent of Learning Literacy in Canada, based on an assessment of 2,000 adult Canadians from all literacy levels, is to understand “the nature of [Canada’s] adult literacy challenges and the appropriate ways in which these could be addressed”. Ove… View this resource

Educational Outcomes at Age 19 Associated with Reading Ability at Age 15

Arts Research Monitor

The key finding of Statistics Canada’s report on the relationship between reading ability and educational outcomes is that “students with lower levels of reading at age 15 face challenges in graduating from high school by age 19: they are more likely… View this resource

Measuring Up: Canadian Results of the OECD PISA Study

Arts Research Monitor

This report provides a detailed examination of the performance of Canadian 15-year olds in science, reading and mathematics in 2006. As noted in Statistics Canada’s Daily article highlighting the report’s findings, “Canadian 15-year-old students stil… View this resource

Factors in Canadians’ Cultural Activities in 2005

Arts Research Monitor

This report examines demographic and other factors involved in book reading (as well as three other cultural activities), based on data from Statistics Canada’s General Social Survey of 2005, an in-depth telephone survey of about 10,000 Canadians 15… View this resource

The Book Retail Sector in Canada

Arts Research Monitor

This report provides a profile of the retail book market in Canada. A key argument in the report, prepared for the Department of Canadian Heritage by Turner-Riggs, is that “the supply of books in the Canadian market is growing much more quickly than… View this resource

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