Situation of artists

Volume 18 No 3 / July 31, 201931 July 2019

In this issue: A focus on the situation of artists in Canada and abroad, including statistical profiles of artists in Canada and the United States, an international literature review on research methods used to study artists’ careers, and an English survey of visual artists.


A Statistical Profile of Artists in Canada in 2016 (With Summary Information about Cultural Workers)

Arts Research Monitor

[Statistics updated from revised report, November 2019] Focusing on nine arts occupations and 50 cultural occupations, this report highlights key aspects of the working lives of artists and cultural workers in Canada. Based on the 2016 long-form cens… View this resource

Artist Career Research Methods

Arts Research Monitor

Studies of artists’ work conditions, incomes, and career paths use a variety of methods, and this “in-depth Canadian and international literature search” examines novel research methods and provides an annotated bibliography of over 60 reports that s… View this resource

Livelihoods of Visual Artists: 2016 Data Report

Arts Research Monitor

Billed as a “comprehensive study into how visual artists in England live and work”, this report examines incomes of visual artists, factors influencing career development, and the geographic concentrations of visual artists. It is based on a survey o… View this resource

Artists and Other Cultural Workers: A Statistical Portrait

Arts Research Monitor

Based on an analysis of six United States federal government datasets (from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of the Labor, the Arts and Cultural Satellite Account, and the U.S. Census Bureau), this report examines the number of ar… View this resource

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