Social and economic benefits of the arts and culture

Volume 15 No 4 / August 24, 201624 August 2016

In this issue: A focus on the socio-economic benefits of the arts and culture, including a Canadian survey regarding culture and talent attraction, an Australian report on arts participation and mental health, a major synthesis of reports from the United Kingdom on the value of culture, and reports that attempt to measure the social return on investments in the arts and culture.


The Value of the Nonprofit Arts and Culture Field in Illinois

Arts Research Monitor

Using a social return on investment framework, this report assesses the impacts of the $1.9 billion in public and private investment in over 1,400 Illinois not-for-profit organizations working in the arts and culture. The headline finding is that… View this resource

Cultural Value Project

Arts Research Monitor

This report summarizes the findings of 70 specially-commissioned research studies regarding the value of culture in the United Kingdom – “the difference to individuals, society and the economy that engagement with arts and culture makes… View this resource

The art of being mentally healthy

Arts Research Monitor

This article notes that, “with an emphasis on self-expression, creativity, enjoyment and social inclusion, the arts are receiving increasing attention from health professionals, researchers, clinicians, policy makers and the general community a… View this resource

Culture for Competitiveness: How Vibrant Culture Attracts Top Talent

Arts Research Monitor

This report examines perceptions of the arts and community attractiveness based on surveys of 500 Ontario-based skilled workers and 508 Ontario-based businesses with more than 20 employees. Each survey has a margin of error of 4.4 percentage points,… View this resource

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