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Innovation and resilience in the arts, culture, and heritage

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Innovation and resilience in the arts, culture, and heritage is a multi-year project of The Creative City Network of Canada in partnership with the Cultural Human Resources Council, Les Arts et la Ville, and the Canadian Commission for UNESCO. Thanks… View this resource

Workplace sexual harassment in the arts

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Our stunning survey results on workplace sexual harassment in the Canadian performing arts, film, and television industries have now been published. Three key findings from the survey are: Workplace sexual harassment is widespread in the Canadian per… View this resource

Custom research projects that have been commissioned from Hill Strategies Research, including links to additional information or full reports.

British Columbia arts and culture research projects

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Significant new information and insights into the situation of the arts and culture in British Columbia were made available today by the Alliance for Arts and Culture. A ground breaking series of four arts research projects was conducted for the Alli… View this resource

Data sources on artists in Canada

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Baseline data on artists are used for multiple purposes, including as evidence for policy analysis, trend analysis, benchmarking in reporting on outcomes, analysis of particular issues such as regional or cultural equity, and the assessment of long-t… View this resource

Indirect Cultural Investments in Five Large Canadian Cities

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This report summarizes a recent research process into the indirect cultural investments in five large Canadian cities: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montréal. The report is based on a survey of cultural staff members in the five cities as… View this resource

Financial and Statistical Analysis of 50 Canadian Orchestras: 2004-05 to 2010-11

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This report and two presentations were prepared by Kelly Hill using data submitted by 50 members of Orchestras Canada. The resources (available below in pdf form) focus on the changes in the situation of Canadian orchestras more than the current fina… View this resource

Municipal Cultural Investment in Five Large Canadian Cities

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This report compares the municipal cultural investment in five of Canada’s largest cities: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montréal. The municipal cultural investments included in this study are operating, grant and capital expenditures relat… View this resource


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