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Recent presentations of arts research information

Arts insights in a new format

Presentations, Statistical Insights on the Arts

I am excited and a bit nervous to announce a new structure to Hill Strategies’ work. Statistical insights on the arts will now be distributed as a “newsletter” at statsinsights.hillstrategies.com. Through a subscription model, I will continue to offe… View this resource

Arts Research in Canada – Insights and Absences


Thanks to the 100+ people who joined us on March 15 to explore and reflect upon the pilot year of the Arts Insights Canada (AIC) initiative. Presenters Cynthia Lickers-Sage, Parmela Attariwala, and Kelly Hill identified highlights and key findings fr… View this resource

As part of our goal to distribute insightful arts research information, Kelly Hill has created and conducted many presentations in both official languages, in various disciplines, and in all regions of the country.

Demographic data to understand arts participation and its benefits for participants


At the international Data Echo Culture conference, Kelly Hill’s presentation offered his perspective on possibilities and challenges related to demographic research into arts participation and its benefits. View this resource

Four key drivers of change in the arts in Canada


Arts Consultants Canada organized this Open Forum to identify and discuss key drivers of change in the arts, especially related to the COVID-19 pandemic and post-pandemic arts ecosystem. Kelly’s presentation provides a brief overview of four key tren… View this resource

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Cultural Policies: The CERB and Independent Artists


This panel was focused on a discussion on the issues raised by the CERB and the government response to the pandemic for professional artists. As noted by the panel organizer, there is no doubt that the effect of the pandemic on artists has been immen… View this resource

Demographic Patterns in Canadians’ Performing Arts Participation


Based on the largest survey of Canadians’ arts participation, this presentation highlights similarities and differences in performing arts participation for different demographic groups. The presentation focuses on performing arts attendance by immig… View this resource

Francophones outside Quebec: Indicators of artistic vitality


This French-language presentation examined indicators of artistic vitality among Francophones outside Quebec, drawing on two main sources: data on artists from the 2016 census; and data on arts participation from the 2016 General Social Survey. The p… View this resource


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