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Recent presentations of arts research information

Measuring the Economic Impacts of Heritage


Finding credible data on the economic impacts and benefits of heritage can be challenging. During his presentation at the 2019 Ontario Heritage Conference, Kelly Hill highlighted research and statistical information to help attendees identify indicat… View this resource

Call for up to 4 no-fee presentations by March 31, 2020


Please submit brief proposals by June 5 As part of the Statistical Insights on the Arts series, Kelly Hill will conduct up to 4 presentations between September 2019 and March 2020 for no speaking fee. The speaking fee (covering preparation time) is f… View this resource

As part of our goal to distribute insightful arts research information, Kelly Hill has created and conducted many presentations in both official languages, in various disciplines, and in all regions of the country.

Arts, Culture, Health, Well-being, and Social Connectedness


While sport and physical activity are widely acknowledged as important for good health, the links between arts and culture to health and wellbeing are less well understood and less frequently acknowledged. Kelly Hill's presentation reviewed resea… View this resource

Artists, cultural workers, and the creative sector in Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge


Kelly Hill's presentation in Kitchener provided information about artists and cultural workers in Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge, as well as the broader impacts of the creative sector. The presentation included data indicating that, across Canada,… View this resource

Artists, Arts Attendance, and Impacts in Alberta


Based on findings from the Statistical Insights on the Arts series, Kelly Hill presented information on arts attendance in Alberta, artists and cultural workers in the province, as well as information about the contributions of the arts to economic,… View this resource

Artists in Canada and their Health Disparities


There are many reasons for individual differences in health outcomes, including many social and economic factors. Kelly Hill’s presentation examined the situation of artists and highlighted some key factors that may have an influence on the wel… View this resource

Statistical Insights on the Arts presentations in 2015


Hill Strategies Research is pleased to announce the schedule of Statistical Insights on the Arts presentations in 2015.“We wish to thank all 17 groups that responded to our call for presentations. We simply received more strong proposals than w… View this resource


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