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Recent presentations of arts research information

Four key drivers of change in the arts in Canada


Arts Consultants Canada organized this Open Forum to identify and discuss key drivers of change in the arts, especially related to the COVID-19 pandemic and post-pandemic arts ecosystem. Kelly’s presentation provides a brief overview of four key tren… View this resource

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Cultural Policies: The CERB and Independent Artists


This panel was focused on a discussion on the issues raised by the CERB and the government response to the pandemic for professional artists. As noted by the panel organizer, there is no doubt that the effect of the pandemic on artists has been immen… View this resource

As part of our goal to distribute insightful arts research information, Kelly Hill has created and conducted many presentations in both official languages, in various disciplines, and in all regions of the country.

The Arts in Canada: Setting the Stage for Wellbeing


This presentation provides an overview of cultural participation indicators and their potential links to the wellbeing of Canadians. View this resource

Advocating for Culture: How Canadians’ Participation Rates Reflect Value


This presentation outlines some key indicators of cultural participation from Canadians’ Arts, Culture, and Heritage Participation in 2016 and other reports from Hill Strategies Research. The presentation (and ensuing discussion with attendees) exami… View this resource

Call for 2 no-fee presentations by March 28, 2019


Please submit brief proposals by January 9, 2019 As part of the Statistical Insights on the Arts series, Kelly Hill will conduct two presentations in early 2019 for no speaking fee. The speaking fee (covering preparation time) is funded by the Depart… View this resource

Spotlight on the Arts: Impact on Business, Health and Well-being


The arts economy is unique, making it a fascinating area of study. In Canada, culture represents over 700,000 jobs and about $62 billion in direct economic impact. Culture’s value-added impact is much larger than that of agriculture, forestry,… View this resource

Situation of New Brunswick artists


This presentation examined the current socio-economic and professional situation of New Brunswick artists, including statistics on artists and cultural workers in the province as well as the broader impacts of the creative sector. View this resource


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