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Recent presentations of arts research information

Demographic Patterns in Canadians’ Performing Arts Participation


Based on the largest survey of Canadians’ arts participation, this presentation highlights similarities and differences in performing arts participation for different demographic groups. The presentation focuses on performing arts attendance by immig… View this resource

Francophones outside Quebec: Indicators of artistic vitality


This French-language presentation examined indicators of artistic vitality among Francophones outside Quebec, drawing on two main sources: data on artists from the 2016 census; and data on arts participation from the 2016 General Social Survey. The p… View this resource

As part of our goal to distribute insightful arts research information, Kelly Hill has created and conducted many presentations in both official languages, in various disciplines, and in all regions of the country.

Call for 2 no-fee presentations by March 28, 2019


Please submit brief proposals by January 9, 2019 As part of the Statistical Insights on the Arts series, Kelly Hill will conduct two presentations in early 2019 for no speaking fee. The speaking fee (covering preparation time) is funded by the Depart… View this resource

Spotlight on the Arts: Impact on Business, Health and Well-being


The arts economy is unique, making it a fascinating area of study. In Canada, culture represents over 700,000 jobs and about $62 billion in direct economic impact. Culture’s value-added impact is much larger than that of agriculture, forestry,… View this resource

Situation of New Brunswick artists


This presentation examined the current socio-economic and professional situation of New Brunswick artists, including statistics on artists and cultural workers in the province as well as the broader impacts of the creative sector. View this resource

Arts, Culture, Health, Well-being, and Social Connectedness


While sport and physical activity are widely acknowledged as important for good health, the links between arts and culture to health and wellbeing are less well understood and less frequently acknowledged. Kelly Hill's presentation reviewed resea… View this resource

Artists, cultural workers, and the creative sector in Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge


Kelly Hill's presentation in Kitchener provided information about artists and cultural workers in Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge, as well as the broader impacts of the creative sector. The presentation included data indicating that, across Canada,… View this resource


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