STEPS Public Art

STEPS Public Art: Social innovation for neighbourhood support and engagement

STEPS conceptualized the pilot 2020 Main Street Challenge and subsequent I HeART Main Street 2021…

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Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra

Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra: Pay-It-Forward Subscriptions and Seniors Outreach Program

Through its Pay-It-Forward Subscriptions and Seniors Outreach programs, the Newfoundland Symphony…

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Festival of Literary Diversity

The Festival of Literary Diversity: Nimble and expansive thinking

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, the FOLD quickly transitioned to a virtual festival in May. …

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Woodland Cultural Centre

Preserving and promoting Indigenous history, art, language, and culture through popular virtual tours

The Woodland Cultural Centre innovation is timely as a result of the high profile of issues relat…

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Afros In Tha City

Afros In Tha City Media Collective: Centering Black voices and experiences in Calgary and beyond

In the context of the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, the writing collective signif…

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Yukon Transportation Museum

Yukon Transportation Museum: A new spin

During the pandemic, when no one could pay those artifacts a visit in person, the board and staff…

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rice & beans theatre

rice & beans theatre: Yellow Objects

Originally a stage play, the text of Yellow Objects was transposed into a digital installation to…

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Dancemakers and Luke Garwood

Liveness Residency: Pushing the medium of livestream

In March 2021, with the organization in the midst of a major transition, Dancemakers invited danc…

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Video Pool Media Arts Centre

Video Pool Media Arts Centre: Nurturing community of care to impact change in the artist-run centre model

Like many artist-serving organizations, Video Pool Media Arts Centre (VP) faced challenges to con…

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artsPlace and Enza Apa

Curbside Museum: A simple idea that grew thanks to an effective collaboration

artsPlace hosted artist Enza Apa’s travelling exhibition “Good Luck/Bad Luck/Who Knows?”, w…

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Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance

IPAA Tech Bundles: Enhancing cultural sovereignty through technical infrastructure

IPAA’s Tech Bundle project was initiated in January 2021 to provide a kit designed for online s…

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Fredericton Playhouse

InterMISSION Residency Program: Respond first, finetune later

In June 2020, with touring at a standstill and the venue sitting dark, the organization had an op…

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Orchestre symphonique de Montréal

The Orchestre symphonique de Montréal: It takes a village… to be resilient

The OSM team set up continuous programming, which was primarily online, knowing that the concerts…

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Strata Festival of New Music

The Strata Festival’s Student Composer Symposium: Training young artists during a challenging time

Artistic Director Paul Suchan noted that the inaugural Student Composer Symposium was delivered …

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Théâtre Cercle Molière

Théâtre Cercle Molière’s Festival théâtre jeunesse: Making theatre and connecting youth virtually

In 2021, TCM was determined to offer at least one version of the Festival théâtre jeunesse, des…

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Queer Songbook Orchestra

The Queer Songbook Orchestra’s QSO Kids project: A renewed focus in an uncertain landscape

In 2020, QSO Artistic Director Shaun Brodie had to grapple with the new landscape of touring, and…

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re:Naissance Opera

Orpheus VR project: Pushing the limits of opera

Orpheus VR “stemmed out of my own love for video games,” said Debi Wong. As a more traditiona…

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Eastern Front Theatre

Eastern Front Theatre: Micro digitals, macro impact

At the height of the pandemic, EFT developed three short-term goals: to help theatre artists get …

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Okanagan Children's Choir

Okanagan Children’s Choir: Digital composition project

Okanagan Children’s Choir Artistic Director Frances Chiasson continued with her organization’…

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Tangled Art + Disability

Tangled Art + Disability’s Crip Times: A podcast series that enhances awareness and engagement

Reflecting on having to close its space and halt its programming as a result of COVID-19, Tangled…

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Alianait Festival

Alianait Arts Festival: Sounds of a virtual North

Adapting through pandemic restrictions, Alianait decided to take the festival fully online for th…

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Prince Edward Island Department of Education and Lifelong Learning

Prince Edward Island’s Department of Education and Lifelong Learning: Teaching and modelling resilience through the arts

This is a story about two champions in arts education, their journey during the first 18-months o…

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Musée d'art de Rouyn-Noranda

Musée d’art de Rouyn-Noranda: Virtual museum

The Virtual MA project consists of a gallery of virtual exhibitions whose objective is to make th…

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Laïla Mestari

Fille de foin/Hay Girl, a bold partnership between Laïla Mestari and the LOBE artist centre

The partnership between Laïla Mestari and the LOBE artist centre is an example of audacity, resi…

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Carving On The Edge Festival

Carving on the Edge Festival: Community-centred digital practices in a remote and Indigenous context

The Carving on the Edge Festival transitioned the in-person Festival experience to an online form…

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Kiran Ambwani

Kiran Ambwani’s Can-Asian Artistic Resilience project: Photography in solidarity with the Asian community

From the beginning of the lockdown, Kiran Ambwani wanted to use her Can-Asian Artistic Resilience…

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Tupiq A.C.T. (Arctic Circus Troupe)

Tupiq Arctic Circus Troupe: Circus for social change

When the troupe could not tour its circus production to Nunavik as planned, it decided to convert…

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ALAVIVA and Maelström créatif: Mixing business with pleasure

Maelström créatif, an initiative of ALAVIVA, connects artists and cultural organizations with p…

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Hill Strategies Research

Summary of 12 key themes

The artists and organizations profiled in this project actively sought out changes and innovation…

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BEING Studio

Artist Connect from BEING Studio: The valuable presence of disabled artists

Between January and March 2021, BEING Studio held an online symposium entitled “Artist Connect…

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