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Artists by Neighbourhood in Canada

New report highlights creative neighbourhoods across the country

October 27, 200527 October 2005

Using mapping technology, this report examines artists as a percentage of the labour force in various postal regions – “neighbourhoods” –based on 2001 census data.

Nationwide, the “most creative neighbourhood” is H2W in Montreal’s plateau area, which has an artistic concentration of 8.0%, 10 times the national average of 0.8%.

The most creative rural area is Nunavut’s X0A region. This area, encompassing Baffin Island (Iqaluit, Cape Dorset, etc.), has an artistic concentration of 3.4%.

Nine of the 10 urban neighbourhoods in Canada with the highest concentration of artists are in Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto.

However, the full report demonstrates that there are many significant artistic clusters in urban and rural areas across Canada. The full report, regional summaries and detailed tables are available below.

The arts contribute to the quality of life as well as the social and economic vitality of communities. Recent research has also examined how the arts help attract talented people, jobs and investment to communities. On a personal level, the arts can stimulate, inspire and entertain.

A strong artistic community can therefore enhance the whole community’s well-being. For these reasons, it is important to identify and track creative neighbourhoods – areas that are attractive to artists for a number of reasons.

Artists by Neighbourhood in Canada can be used by associations, arts funders, policy-makers and others to ensure that programs and services are tailored appropriately to arts communities across the country. Further research could also examine the correlation between creative neighbourhoods and other local attributes that may help attract and retain artists.

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