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Four no-fee presentations in 2011-12

October 18, 201118 October 2011

As part of the Statistical Insights on the Arts series, Kelly Hill will conduct four presentations in 2011-12 for no speaking / preparation fee. The four no-fee presentations for 2011-12 that have been chosen from 13 proposals are:

  • Key Statistics on Performing Arts Attendance and Marketing, bilingual webinar, Performing Arts Alliance, January 2012.
  • Statistics on Artists in Small and Rural Municipalities, Association acadienne des artistes professionnel.le.s du N.-B., Moncton, January 2012.
  • Toward a Better Understanding of the Arts in the Alberta Economy & Society, Edmonton Heritage Council, Grant MacEwan University, Alberta Museums Association and Edmonton Arts Council, Edmonton, March 2012.
  • Engaging audiences in the visual arts: Directions and trends in audience participation, attendance, donors and volunteers, McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Kleinburg, Ontario, March 2012.

The speaking fee (covering preparation time) is funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage, the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council in conjunction with their funding of the Statistical Insights on the Arts series.

We wish to thank all 13 groups that submitted a no-fee presentation request. There were simply more strong proposals than could be funded.

Previous no-fee presentations

The 13 previous no-fee presentations are:

  • Visual Arts in Quebec: Artists and Markets, Le regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec, March 2011, Montreal.
  • Toward a Better Understanding of the Arts in the Economy and Civil Society, City of St. John’s, March 2011.
  • Who’s your Audience? Performing Arts Attendance and Marketing: A Statistical View, Centre for the Arts, Brock University in partnership with Carousel Players and the City of St. Catharines, March 2011.
  • Telling the stories of the arts: Artists, attendance, engagement, impacts and benefits, City of Barrie, April 2011.
  • Profile and Significance of the Arts and Culture Sector in Manitoba, Gathering Futures Colloquium (ACI Manitoba), March 2010, Winnipeg.
  • Putting arts and culture on the map: Literally!, Workshop on Cultural Mapping and Cultural Planning, March 2010, Toronto.
  • Performing Arts Attendance and Social Impacts, Contact ontarois, January 2009, Mississauga.
  • Social Impacts of the Arts, CAPACOA Conference “The Challenge of Change”, November 2008, Ottawa.
  • Visual Arts in Canada: Market, Attendance, Galleries and Artists,Visual Arts Summit, November 2007, Ottawa.
  • Arts and Culture: Key to Building Healthy, Vibrant BC Communities?, British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association, June 2007, Kamloops.
  • Is BC a Cultural Mecca? A Statistical View, Assembly of BC Arts Councils, May 2007, Nelson.
  • Audience research in action, Pacific Contact, March 2007, Vancouver.
  • Individual Donors and Volunteers, Culture Montreal, November 2006, Montreal.

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