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Results from a National Survey on Participation in the Arts

January 31, 200631 January 2006

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Based on a survey of 1,200 American adults in March of 2004 (a different survey than that which was used to prepare The Diversity of Cultural Participation and Motivations Matter), this fact sheet highlights seven key findings regarding the arts:

  • “Personal enrichment is key”: 70% of Americans feel strongly that the arts spark their imagination and make them feel good. A similar percentage (69%) feels strongly that the arts help children do better in school.
  • “Perceived community benefits of the arts are linked to civic pride.” The highest-rated community benefit is the fact that “the arts contribute to making a community more attractive”. In addition, the arts are perceived to bring people together, build a sense of local pride, build community identity and character, and make a community more understanding and accepting of other people, ideas and cultures. Interestingly, one of the least supported ideas is that “the arts contribute to helping attract business and jobs”.
  • Seven in ten people support more arts education in schools.
  • “Early artistic habits become lifelong habits.”
  • Survey respondents enjoy a number of different arts activities.
  • Eight in ten people support local arts funding.
  • “Americans take an egalitarian view of arts opportunities”, wanting the arts to be for everyone to enjoy.
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