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Making the Case for Culture

February 17, 200617 February 2006

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This site contains brief summaries of how the arts contribute to six aspects of Canadian life: the economy; urban renewal; community identity and pride; positive change in communities; quality of life and quality of place; and youth development.

In each of these six sections of the website, there are lists of key arguments, profiles of the activity in Canadian communities, background information, quotes and reference lists.

For example, the six key arguments in the youth development section are:

  • The arts are an effective outreach tool to engage youth.
  • Learning in and through the arts enhances learning in other domains and general scholastic achievement.
  • The arts build resilience and self-esteem in young people.
  • The arts contribute to creating healthy and supportive communities for youth.
  • The arts help in the successful transition to adulthood and the development of in-demand job skills.
  • The arts offer opportunities for youth leadership development and for youth to affect positive change in their communities.
  • Profiles in the youth development section include Victoria’s Trackside Art Gallery, Regina‘s Street Culture Kidz Project, Ottawa’s Arts Leadership Training Program, Toronto‘s Creative Youth Envoy and St. John’s Legal Graffiti Wall.

    The site contains similar information for the five other aspects of Canadian life.

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