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Out of Control / Web 2.0

Presentation by Simon Van Wyk, HotHouse Interactive

January 15, 200815 January 2008

Audience development, arts marketing and communications

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These two presentations characterize the new age of digital marketing as letting your message go “out of control”. Indeed, user contributions are becoming much more common. Organizations are advised to work within this framework, by “opening the front door” to the customer and giving them “the tools to talk to you”.

Some key messages of the presentations include:

  • “It’s not what you say about your brand anymore – it’s what consumers are saying about your brand.”
  • Relationship management is key. “Set a goal to deepen the relationship you have with your audience and meet it.”
  • Engagement can lead to uniqueness. “If you have a community of customers who are really engaged with your business, then you’ll have something that’s incredibly hard for your competitors to copy.”

The new web – “Web 2.0” – includes participation, syndication, tagging, wikis, social networking sites and blogging. The Web 2.0 presentation argues that “blogging and art are made for each other”. Other virtual resources include podcasting, RSS, peer reviews, user-generated content, mash-ups and virtual worlds. The presentation provides some examples of these resources in action.

A more thorough guide to technology and communications is provided in a report (not related to the Australian conference) from NPower Seattle. Tech-Savvy Communications: A Toolkit for Nonprofits provides a step-by-step guide to new forms of communications. Some of the key steps covered include communications planning, environmental scanning, mapping your message framework, identifying the audience for your messages, developing key messages, evaluating communications channels and tactics, and taking action. Useful examples from the field and resource lists are also provided. Tech-Savvy Communications is available at

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