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Collective Agenda for the Visual Arts

March 16, 200816 March 2008

Special Issue: Visual Arts Summit

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Before closing the Summit, a statement was prepared to further a collective agenda for the visual arts. The statement reads:

Art is the face of Canada.

We, as artists, curators, collectors, dealers, educators and supporters, are united to enhance the opportunities for Canadian art to be seen, understood and enjoyed. We come together in the largest gathering of the visual arts in our history, to proclaim the critical role of the visual arts in an innovative and compassionate society in the 21st century. We know what is needed: we call on the governments, nations and peoples of Canada to join us in realizing our potential.

We commit ourselves to work together:

  • To satisfy the public’s growing demand for participation in visual culture;
  • To communicate the sector’s needs with a united voice;
  • To provide a secure livelihood for artists;
  • To acknowledge the varied cultures of the indigenous peoples of this land;
  • To reflect the diversity of our society; and
  • To strengthen the institutions that advance the visual arts.

With a united voice, we advocate:

  • To create a new alliance across the sector, to advance the position of the visual arts;
  • To engage public appreciation for, and connection with, visual arts in all their forms;
  • To provide stronger and stable support to artists and to the individuals and institutions that present, preserve and interpret the work they create;
  • To establish a dedicated fund for the payment of artists for the public exhibition of their works;
  • To increase investment in arts education for all ages and from all levels of government;
  • To provide dedicated support for Aboriginal arts; and
  • To recognize and support the leading role of visual arts in strengthening Canada’s international profile.

We envision a Canada that embraces creativity in all its dimensions.

We believe in art that challenges us, deepens our understanding, and bridges our differences.

Visual arts build a more tolerant, diverse and creative world.

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