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The State of Cultural Infrastructure in Canada

January 14, 200914 January 2009

Facilities / Cultural Infrastructure

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In existence from 2005 to 2008, the Centre of Expertise on Culture and Communities (CECC) was a three-year project administered at Simon Fraser University. The CECC conducted an extensive research project into cultural infrastructure in Canada, including “a nation-wide consultation with over 100 policy stakeholders at three levels of government”, secondary data analysis and an international colloquium.

The CECC website provides access to various publications and other resources related to cultural infrastructure:

· a detailed report and eight appendices on the state of cultural infrastructure in Canada (see our review of Under Construction and select appendices in this issue of the Arts Research Monitor);

· a symposium on cultural infrastructure (see the Creative Construct: Building for Culture and Creativity website at;

· regional roundtables and background research (see;

· a bibliography of resources related to cultural infrastructure (see;

· a literature review about the local impacts of cultural facilities (see;

· a presentation by Dr. Nancy Duxbury entitled “Cultural Infrastructure: Trends and Models” (see; and

· a directory and profiles of cultural facilities across Canada (see

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