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Policies and Programs of Support for Senior Artists

Prepared by Joyce Zemans, York University

February 25, 200925 February 2009

Situation of older artists

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This report provides a brief summary of supports for older artists in 18 countries. The report is based on primarily web research into the programs in these countries. As noted in the report, a major problem “is that we do not have the opportunity to examine how the models actually work and how effective they are, nor to update the information beyond the most recent entry on relevant websites”.

The report finds that, “in Europe, in particular, national governments have played an important role in the creation and the delivery of support systems for senior artists, through legislation, direct funding and through ongoing programs”.

The report groups the supports for senior artists into six categories: pension schemes; multi-year grants; guaranteed income; subsidized housing programs; dancers’ transition centres; and grants for senior artists awarded for artistic contribution. Some programs are available to all artists, while others are operated by unions, guilds or associations for certain types of artists.

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