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Performing arts 2007

November 23, 200923 November 2009

Government expenditures on culture / Performing arts organizations / Heritage organizations

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Statistics Canada recently released a very brief text overview and summary data of performing arts organizations in 2007. Hill Strategies has analyzed this data for this issue of the Arts Research Monitor.

Statistics Canada’s performing arts survey provides information about non-profit and for-profit theatre, musical theatre, dinner theatre, opera, dance, musical groups (e.g., orchestras, chamber music and popular music groups) and others (e.g., circus, magic shows, ice skating shows).

Total revenues were $1.2 billion for all performing arts groups in 2007, a 2.8% increase from 2006 (not adjusted for inflation).

Non-profit performing arts organizations in Canada had total revenues of $613 million in 2007, representing 49% of the $1.2 billion sectoral total and a 0.7% decrease from 2006 (not adjusted for inflation). Total expenses ($612 million) were slightly lower than total revenues, leaving a collective surplus of $0.6 million in 2007 (0.1% of total revenues). Salaries, wages and benefits (excluding fees paid to contract workers) account for 36% of non-profit performing arts organizations’ expenses.

No attendance data or breakdown of revenue sources (earned, public or private sector) is provided in the summary data.

The $613 million in revenues for non-profit organizations in 2007 breaks down by discipline as follows:

  • Non-profit theatre companies had total revenues of $289 million in 2007, a 1.8% decrease from 2006 (not adjusted for inflation).
  • Non-profit music organizations reported total revenues of $151 million, a 1.4% decrease from 2006.
  • Non-profit dance companies had total revenues of $82 million in 2007, a 1.2% increase from 2006.
  • Non-profit opera and music theatre companies accounted for $79 million in revenues in 2007, a 3.5% increase from 2006.
  • There are few non-profit performing arts companies in the “other” category (revenues of only $12 million in 2007).

All non-profit disciplines except theatre reported a surplus in 2007, with music organizations registering a surplus of $0.5 million (0.3% of revenues), dance companies reporting a $1.9 million surplus (2.3% of revenues), and opera companies registering a $2.8 million surplus (3.5% of revenues). “Other” performing arts companies registered a $0.2 million surplus, or 1.9% of revenues. Non-profit theatre companies reported a $4.7 million deficit (1.6% of revenues).

On a provincial basis, Ontario-based non-profit organizations accounted for $267 million in revenues (44% of the Canadian total). The revenues of Quebec-based organizations totalled $158 million in 2007 (26% of the Canadian total). British Columbia-based non-profit performing arts organizations accounted for $70 million (11% of national revenues), while their Alberta counterparts had total revenues of $67 million (also 11%)

The total revenues of for-profit performing arts organizations were $628 million in 2007, 51% of the sectoral total and a 6.4% increase from 2006. Before-tax profits amounted to $73 million, for a profit margin of 11.6%. Quebec’s for-profit performing arts sector is quite large, possibly due to the presence of for-profit circus groups based in the province. The province’s for-profit performing arts groups accounted for $330 million, or 52% of total revenues in the for-profit performing arts in Canada.

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