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Performing Arts Attendance in Quebec in 2010

(La fréquentation des arts de la scène au Québec en 2010)

March 27, 201227 March 2012

Arts attendance and participation / Provincial and local information

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This report provides information about attendance at all theatre, dance, music, comedy, circus and magic performances in Quebec in 2010. Total attendance was 7.0 million, a 6% decrease from 2009. As a consequence, box office revenues decreased by 10% between 2009 and 2010 (from $275 to $247 million). Box office revenues per paying spectator decreased from $41.97 in 2009 to $40.09 in 2010 (a 5% decrease).

While this attendance statistic is a different measurement from the participation numbers in a recent Hill Strategies report (Provincial Profiles of Arts, Culture and Heritage Activities in 2010), it is interesting to note that the Observatoire’s attendance estimate is 46% higher than the Hill Strategies estimate of the number of Quebeckers attending performances and festivals in 2010 (4.8 million). The measurements differ in three key ways: 1) the participation studies count each individual only once, no matter how many times they attended during the year; 2) the participation studies exclude attendance by non-Quebeckers at Quebec-based performing arts organizations; and 3) the participation studies include attendance by Quebeckers while travelling outside the province.

The report examines key statistics by type of performance:

  • Variety performances (including comedy, circus, magic, music theatre and music hall) accounted for 32% of total attendance and 43% of box office revenues.
  • Performances by singers represented 26% of attendance and 28% of box office receipts.
  • Theatre performances accounted for 24% of total attendance and 15% of box office receipts.
  • Music performances (excluding singers) accounted for 14% of attendance and 11% of box office receipts.
  • Dance performances represented 3% of total attendance and box office revenues.

The report highlights a number of other interesting aspects of performing arts attendance in Quebec in 2010:

  • The 7 million paid admissions represented 63% of total tickets available.
  • Quebec productions accounted for 76% of total attendance and 74% of box office receipts.
  • Performances in Montreal accounted for 49% of total attendance and 57% of box office receipts. More specifically, performances at Montreal’s Quartier des spectacles accounted for 26% of total attendance and box office receipts.
  • Among the 25 performances with the highest attendance, there were nine comedy performances, six circus or magic performances, four concerts by singers (two in French and two in English), two music theatre performances, two theatre performances, one ballet and one storytelling performance.

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