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Municipal spending on culture in Quebec in 2011

(Les dépenses culturelles des municipalités en 2011, Optique culture no 25)

November 13, 201313 November 2013

Arts and culture funding and finances

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Based on a survey of Quebec municipalities (including all 10 cities with populations of at least 100,000), this report indicates that Quebec municipalities spent $812 million on culture in 2011, a 9.6% increase from 2010 and a 29.1% increase from 2008 (not adjusted for inflation). On a per capita basis, total cultural spending by Quebec municipalities represents about $102 per resident of the province. Cultural expenditures represent 4.8% of the total operating spending of Quebec municipalities.

For purposes of the report, cultural spending includes: libraries; arts and letters; heritage, public art and design; cultural festivals and events; events with a cultural component; cultural and scientific leisure activities; conservation of historical archives; and other cultural expenditures. Total spending includes expenditures on services (76% of the total), financing costs and depreciation (9%), as well as other costs (15%).

A very high proportion of municipal cultural expenditures come from municipalities' own contributions (79% via property or other taxes, etc.), but smaller percentages do come from sales and fees (9%), grants from other governments (7%), and other revenues (5%).

Libraries dominate cultural spending, representing 44% of total expenditures on cultural services. Arts and letters represent 20% of spending on cultural services, followed by heritage, public art and design (17%).

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