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A Profile of Professional Dancers in Canada

Based on a questionnaire from the Dancer Transition Resource Centre

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February 16, 200516 February 2005

Throughout the fall of 2004, the Dancer Transition Resource Centre (DTRC) distributed a questionnaire to dancers across Canada which included questions concerning the demographic and family characteristics of professional dancers, their dance work in 2003/04, their education and earnings, as well as their expected age of retirement from their performing careers.

The DTRC worked to ensure that a large number of questionnaires were completed, by contacting DTRC members and other dancers who might qualify for and benefit from DTRC membership. Email, mail and phone requests were sent to all members (approximately 420).

The efforts by the DTRC resulted in 543 responses in total, including 220 members, 296 nonmembers and 27 DTRC Stream I grant recipients.

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