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Arts Attendees in Canada

Canadian Cultural Research Network

July 29, 200229 July 2002

Are “average Canadians” involved in the arts? Or are arts activities restricted to an elite group of people? This presentation at the 2002 Canadian Cultural Research Network Colloquium examined data on attendance at performing arts events, arts and culture festivals, and public art gallery exhibitions.

What does the data show? Regarding arts attendance and arts participation, 74% of Canadians – or 18 million people age 15 or older – were involved in the arts during the survey year, either by attending events or creating works. This includes the nearly 13 million Canadians who attended at least one performing arts event, cultural festival or public art gallery (53% of Canadians 15 or older). In addition, 13.3 million people (55% of Canadians 15 or older) reported that they participated in at least one creative arts activity (either as a professional or an amateur activity) during the survey year.

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