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Consumer Spending on Culture in Canada, the Provinces and 13 Municipal Regions in 2001 (March 2003)

Canadian consumers spent $21.3 billion on cultural goods and services in 2003

March 6, 20036 March 2003

Canadians spent $21.3 billion on cultural goods and services in 2001, an amount that is greater than spending on tobacco, alcohol and games of chances combined. The $21.3 billion in consumer spending is over three times higher than government spending on culture in Canada. The report also shows that consumer spending on live performing arts events is nearly double the spending on live sporting events.

The $21.3 billion in consumer spending on culture in Canada represents $720 for every Canadian resident and about $1 out of every $30 spent by Canadian consumers. Cultural spending in Canada grew more quickly than overall consumer spending between 1997 and 2001. On a provincial level, the report finds that consumers’ cultural spending per capita varies significantly between the provinces, from a high of $874 in Alberta to a low of $577 in PEI.

On a municipal level, the report extends the analysis provided in Richard Florida’s recent study of cultural occupations in Canadian municipal regions to include an examination of cultural spending in 13 metropolitan areas across the country, including Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Saint John, Halifax, Charlottetown, and St. John’s. The report finds some similarities and some differences between the municipal rankings on the cultural occupations and the cultural spending data.

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