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Economic Impact of Festivals and Events in Ontario: Fact Sheet 2 – Analysis by Size of Festival

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April 17, 200417 April 2004

The two fact sheets in this series highlight the economic impacts of 97 of Ontario’s festivals and events, including non-profit organizations involved in culture, sports, recreation and community-based initiatives.

The fact sheets are based on an in-depth analysis commissioned by the Ontario Trillium Foundation in collaboration with the Ontario Arts Council and the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund. Through the spending by visitors and by the festivals themselves, the 97 festivals and events were found to contribute nearly $80 million to Ontario’s Gross Domestic Product, over $30 million in taxes, 2,600 jobs, and over $50 million in wages and salaries.

This fact sheet highlights the breakdown of the key economic impact figures for small, medium and large festivals and events. In terms of GDP impacts, the 39 small festivals were found to contribute a total of $13 million to the province’s economy, the 37 medium festivals $28 million, and the 21 large festivals $38 million. The fact sheet also highlights the employment, tax and wage impacts of the different sizes of festivals and events.

These figures, drawn from financial data from 2000 and 2001, do not take into account the impact of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in 2003.

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