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Provincial Profiles of Arts, Culture and Heritage Activities in 2010

37th Statistical Insights on the Arts report

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March 21, 201221 March 2012

This report analyzes provincial data regarding the number and percentage of Canadians 15 or older who, in 2010:

  • Visited art galleries or other museums;
  • Attended live performances;
  • Visited historic sites and other heritage organizations;
  • Read newspapers, magazines or books;
  • Watched movies or videos; or
  • Listened to recorded music.

Individuals are counted only once in each activity regardless of how many times they participated in the activity.

Overall, the report finds that:

  • All residents in each province participated in at least one arts, culture or heritage activity in 2010.
  • In all provinces, participation in many arts, culture and heritage activities has increased over the past 18 years.

Provincial summaries, a national summary and the full report are available below.

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