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Thank you to participants

Senior Artists' Research Project

December 1, 20091 December 2009

Hill Strategies Research, on behalf of the Senior Artists’ Research Project, thanks all the artists who participated in the survey and town hall discussions as part of the first-ever assessment of the situation and needs of Canadian senior artists.

We have been overwhelmed by the level of participation in this project. Over 1,500 senior artists from across the country completed the survey, and over 160 participated in one of the 17 town hall sessions.

Hill Strategies Research is now examining the responses, stories and other information shared by participants and will prepare a report for the arts organizations on the project’s Steering Committee outlining artists’ needs and interests in areas such as artistic activity, health care, retirement, housing, financial issues, community connections and social networks.

The arts organizations will use this information while working to improve current services or establish new services for Canadian senior artists. The incredible input from many different artists will help the organizations design services that best meet artists’ needs and interests.

A background research document (available below) summarizes programs, services and associations that support older artists in 14 countries, largely in Europe.

The project’s Steering Committee includes representatives from:

  • Actors Fund of Canada
  • Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA)
  • American Federation of Musicians
  • Canadian Actors’ Equity Association
  • Canadian Artists’ Representation (CARFAC)
  • Canadian Music Centre
  • Cultural Careers Council of Ontario
  • Dancer Transition Resource Centre
  • Directors’ Guild of Canada
  • PAL Canada Foundation
  • Union des artistes
  • Writers Guild of Canada
  • Writers’ Union of Canada


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