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Building on Success: A Human Resources Development Strategy for the Cultural Sector

October 17, 200517 October 2005

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This report attempts to develop a human resources strategy for the cultural sector. The report notes that “three issues stand out as the key elements of a national, cross-sectoral human resources development strategy”: management, career self-employment, and career-long learning. The report outlines challenges, objectives and options for action in addressing these issues. A number of key needs are highlighted in the report:

Management: a) focusing on those already committed to a cultural sector occupation who have an interest in or responsibility for management, and providing these people with the means to acquire and refine management skills; and b) recruiting and retaining managers from outside the cultural sector.

Career self-employment: a) developing a wide range of business and personal skills, in part by increasing access to training-related information as well as to training opportunities themselves; and b) improving incomes and social benefits for the self-employed.

Career-long learning: a) ensuring a better acceptance of the importance and value of training as well as increasing the relevance of training opportunities to the cultural sector; b) broadening skills beyond culture-specific skills; and c) upgrading and expanding culture-specific skills.

Included in the report is a summary of how the Cultural Human Resources Council plans to address the key human resource issues in the sector.

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