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Human Resources in the Voluntary Sector

October 17, 200517 October 2005

Similar in nature to the CHRC reports on human resource management, this site aims to provide non-profit organizations with tools to attract, support and keep skilled and committed employees. The site provides a “good HR practices tool kit”, including modules designed to assist with current human resource challenges in voluntary organizations (such as employee development, hiring practices, managing and measuring employee performance, attracting and keeping good employees, employee transitions, and managing a variety of employment relationships).

The site also provides a human resource planning guide, information on employee and retirement benefits, and information about HR pilot projects. There are three reports on the site addressing benefits. The first one outlines the “key issues and barriers” to the acquisition and management of employee benefits, while the second makes “23 recommendations for action to deal with organizational, affordability and knowledge/information barriers related to employment benefits”. The most recent report outlines issues regarding retirement and pension benefits in the voluntary sector.

The project partners (Community Foundations of Canada, the United Way of Canada and the Coalition of National Voluntary Organizations) are also conducting an awareness campaign designed to promote “the importance of investing in HR” among volunteer boards.

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