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Lessons Learned Toolsite

October 17, 200517 October 2005

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The National Endowment for the Arts has posted on its website a free strategic planning resource for arts organizations. The “Lessons Learned Toolsite” is a compendium of planning advice from professional arts consultants. The site is a modular toolbox from which users can pick, choose, copy and download planning resources, including tips on the first steps in planning, organizational self-assessment, managing communication and conflict during the planning process, the process of planning itself, budgeting and finances, how to finalize a plan and move it forward, as well as recommended reading and links. The NEA site outlines the key messages in the series: 1) there is no one right way to plan; 2) knowing yourself (mission, values, vision) is essential at the outset of planning; 3) future plans must be grounded by an understanding of current realities; and 4) plans (and planning) are a rehearsal for the future, and these plans will change over time.

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