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Chalmers Conference 2005 & Report on the 2004 Chalmers Conferences

October 18, 200518 October 2005

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These reports from the Canadian Conference of the Arts’ Chalmers Conferences provide arts advocacy information and techniques. The 2005 report provides practical tips for communicating with MPs, insights into parliamentary committees and tips on getting a message heard. The tips on getting a message heard include inviting MPs to exhibitions and performances, making common cause with other groups, and educating MPs on the intrinsic value of the arts, without being “too esoteric”. The 2005 report also provides an overview of the federal policy process and a guide to the Canadian Parliament.

The 2004 Chalmers report emphasizes the content of advocacy arguments, including “culture and its contribution to the wealth and harmony of cities, the importance of creativity in education, and the many facets of cultural diversity”. A successful advocacy initiative in Quebec is also highlighted.

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