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To Educate the Whole Child, Integrate the Arts: A Report on National Public Opinion Research

March 29, 200629 March 2006

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(“National Survey Report“)

This report contains a number of recommendations regarding specific messages, themes and audiences for an arts education communications strategy.

The report notes that belief in the positive impacts of arts education is widespread, but “the communications challenge is to convince school principals, superintendents and policymakers that integrating the arts is feasible, and to convince parents and teachers that it is possible to win over the school administrators”.

Parents want more arts and music education throughout the curriculum in order to ensure a well-rounded education for their children. The communications need is in “reminding parents why they value arts education rather than educating them about the programmatic details of arts education”.

Other communications tips:

  • frame arts and music as part of the development of well-rounded, creative students;
  • describe how arts education in school enables students to live fuller, better lives, not just to land a better job or obtain post-secondary admission; and
  • stress that arts learning will complement and enhance other curricular subjects.
  • “Core supporters” for arts education messages are arts-active parents and teachers, especially highly-educated, socially-active individuals. Possible venues to reach out to core supporters include bookstores, libraries, museums, cultural events, movie theatres, sports events, sporting goods stores, and community events.

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