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Anchoring Creative Habitats

Toronto Artscape

October 24, 201024 October 2010

Creative neighbourhoods and their social and economic benefits

Given that there is only limited text in this presentation, it is difficult to extract many insights from a print version of the presentation. That being said, the presentation does provide lists of the “base elements of infrastructure” that may enhance creative neighbourhoods. The live/work and creation/production spaces highlighted in the report include artist live-work spaces, artist coops or lodges, artist studios, retail spaces, media or recording studios, soundstages, production workshops and rehearsal spaces.

Among arts presentation facilities, the report lists exhibition spaces (of various sizes), outdoor exhibition spaces, performance venues (of various sizes), arena or stadium spaces, outdoor performance spaces, screening rooms, and independent cinemas.

Among office, training and collection spaces, the presentation lists teaching or rehearsal studios, technical training spaces, classrooms, technical storage spaces, archives, laboratories, meeting rooms, storage spaces, and administrative offices.

Finally, the presentation outlines some important multi-functional spaces, such as schools, public libraries, community halls, community centres, parks, waterways, religious spaces, commercial entertainment venues, and multi-tenant buildings.

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